Re-Roofing Services

Replacing an old roof with a new metal roof

If your roof is leaking (rain or energy), a re-roof solution can save frustration and energy costs. Design & Build Corporation offers re-reroofing solutions that can reduce heating and cooling costs and enhance the aesthetics of your building inside and out. Our innovative approach allows us to peel off your existing roof and add a newer, more energy-efficient roof. We also have daylighting solutions that enable more natural light to enter your facility.

No business can shut down operations just to accommodate construction. We know how to plan and execute re-roofing projects to avoid downtime. Our re-roof system can be installed directly over your existing roof. This saves you money and helps you avoid any interruptions to business.

Regardless of the option you choose, our re-reroofing options can help you meet LEED and ENERGY STAR/Cool Roof standards and ensure you operate a more environmentally friendly business.

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